Meat-eaters horrified by photo of vegan smoked brisket and lol, OK 11 months ago

Meat-eaters horrified by photo of vegan smoked brisket and lol, OK

If you eat meat, there are probably a lot of things that you're annoyed by.

Processed muck being disguised as your favourite meal is one thing. The fact that sausages are a carcinogenic is another.

Both worthy things to have the odd meltdown or two about, in fairness.

One thing that generally isn't worth getting annoyed about is the existence of vegan food.

If you're an avid meat-eater, you probably don't have much of it in your diet anyway, and even if you do, so what? Food is food and most of it is delicious anyway so whatever.

Turns out though that a lot of people don't have the same chill when it comes to meat-replacements and those people like to air their grievances online.

Here's what kicked them off - a photo of a vegan smoked brisket created by a guy named Kevin Biegel.

Kevin's vegan brisket was made using jackfruit, seitan (a food similar to tofu), and a load of different condiments to make it super spicy.

It was also smoked over oak for 18 hours and caramelised afterwards to give it that traditional smoked brisket texture.

Sounds class.

And while a lot of people thought the vegan brisket looked delicious, lots of others were quite angry by the existence of the brisket.

"Disgusting," wrote one person.

"Calling the police," wrote another.

"Vegans love spending every waking hour trying to make stuff taste like meat," said someone else.

Kevin then defended his creation by saying that he was actually a casual meat-eater himself and that he just wanted to make something that didn't make him feel horrible after he ate it.

Fair play, like.