Milkshakes and bacon double cheeseburgers are back at McDonald's next week 1 month ago

Milkshakes and bacon double cheeseburgers are back at McDonald's next week

McDonald's is back in the headlines and it's more good news!

Some very exciting news for people who like to dabble in a few milkshakes every now and then. The delicious cold drinks are coming back to McDonald's after a few months off the menu.

The famous fast food chain has announced that they are adding five more items to their limited menu starting next week and they also said that they will be extending the breakfast menu to all restaurants across Ireland.

Mark it in your calendar, Wednesday, July 8. That's the day the menu will be getting a few more items, Shakes, Mayo Chicken, Bacon Mayo Chicken, Hot Chocolate and the Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

The kids are in luck too, Happy Meal Irish Low Fat Milk bottles are also back on July 8. The plan is to return other favourites to the menu later in the year.

McDonald's has been in the headlines since the start of the pandemic when they closed their doors on March 24th all around Ireland. I don't think I ever wanted a McDonald's more than when they shut their doors back in March.

It felt like forever but they finally announced that they were opening a few of their drive-thru locations around Ireland on May 20.

There were queues for hours at locations across the country filled with people looking to get their hands on some chips and a cheese burgers. I know this because I was one of these people, it took me 56 mins from start to finish to get some of my favourites into my hands and mouth! It was worth the wait.

On June 4th the remaining drive-thru restaurants were opened and the queues subsided a little so you didn't have to wait as long to get your fix.

As always we will update you with the latest McDonald's news for your fix.