Mini Kamado BBQs are coming to Aldi next month 2 weeks ago

Mini Kamado BBQs are coming to Aldi next month


Ever fancied yourself a Kamado BBQ?


Of course you have, but they're expensive, and sometimes we can't afford expensive things because we need to pay bills, feed ourselves, and save for the mortgage we're never going to be able to get.

But never fear, because a mini Kamado barbecue is about to drop on the market and you won't break the bank at all if you decide to pick one up.

Next month, Aldi will launch their mini Kamado BBQ. The product is a gunmetal and ceramic mini outdoor oven - emphasis on the "mini," because it's about 56 x 42 x 45cm in dimensions.

The barbecue has a temperature gauge and double-walled insulation. It's also got a powder-coated steel hinge, bands, handle, chimney top, fire grate and steel stand. The barbecue naturally has a cooking grill - for cooking - and should be ready to fire up in about 15 minutes.

It's also only €99.99 too, so not a bad shout at all.

Kamado BBQs have been all the rage this past while, with everyone who's anyone wheeling theirs out to show off their grilling skills (and incredible amount of money).


A full size Kamado will set you back anywhere from €700 to €2,100 (I know), so really a slight €99 is nothing if you're looking to impress this summer.

You may only be able to get two sausages and one sliver of halloumi on it at any given time, but listen, we'll take it.

The mini Kamado BBQ will be landing into Aldi stores from Thursday, June 10.