Miss Nutella? M&S has just launched a vegan hazelnut chocolate spread 3 years ago

Miss Nutella? M&S has just launched a vegan hazelnut chocolate spread

People are already loving this!

As part of its growing Plant Kitchen range offering more choice for vegan and vegetarian customers, M&S has just launched a vegan chocolate spread that'll go perfectly with everything from toast to porridge.


Sharing a photo of it on Instagram today, the store wrote:

"Introducing our NEW Plant Kitchen Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, a deliciously sweet and creamy chocolate flavoured spread with hazelnuts! Vegan friendly, available in stores now..."


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Explaining their already found love for the spread, one customer wrote:

"Have almost finished a whole lot of this in under a week, it’s absolutely amazing (and a bit addictive)"

While another said:

"More nice vegan things. LOVE this spread..."


Marks and Spencer currently stocks over 60 Plant Kitchen meals, snacks and ingredients with new things added regulary like salted caramel truffles and a "no turkey" roast - interesting.

One of my favourite Plant Kitchen products that both my veggie and non-veggie friends agree is divine is the cauliflower popcorn.

Pop these bad boys in the oven and serve with their buffalo dip and some ranch/sour cream as a perfect night in treat or as part of a tapas selection alongside a glass of wine.


Aside from that, Marks and Spencer also announced a spooky Colin the Catapillar for the season and a no-peel kiwi.

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