Say hello to the most expensive Irish whiskey ever made, which costs €35,000 per bottle 1 month ago

Say hello to the most expensive Irish whiskey ever made, which costs €35,000 per bottle


Have you ever wondered what you would do, if you had €35,000 resting in your account?

Maybe you'd use it as a deposit for a house, or even treat yourself to a gorge new car.

Or, perhaps you'd take a year off reality, and travel the world?

All decent options.

Or MAYBE, you'd buy a bottle of whiskey. Yes. A €35,000 bottle of fucking whiskey.

What a time to be alive boys and girls.

Irish Distillers is releasing a collection of 44 bottles of exclusive whiskey with a price tag of €35,000 per bottle.

That makes it the most expensive Irish whiskey in the world.

This 'peated single malt' whiskey was distilled in Midleton, Co Cork, in 1974 and has been maturing since then.

So yeah, it's been working that magic for a while at this stage.

There will be one release every year until the year 2025, ranging in age from 45 to 50 years old.

No doubt, there will be a few collectors hoping to get a bottle of each.


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The final release will coincide with Old Midleton Distillery's 200th birthday -  which is cute.

Back in 1981, Barry Crockett took over from his father as Master Distiller in Midleton.

Speaking about the pricey beverage, he said:

"It’s remarkable that 45 years on we could even be speaking about a whiskey which was distilled in the very final period of the Old Midleton Distillery".

"It is the ultimate heirloom and memento of the dedication to precise malt preparation, brewing and distillation skills of generations of distillers at Midleton."

"It’s among the very last remaining whiskey distilled through the largest pot still in the world, a skill which, in its own right, required great refinement of the distiller’s art."

Interesting, I suppose. That is one expensive Irish whiskey.