M&S launches stoneless avocados and we are very intrigued 4 years ago

M&S launches stoneless avocados and we are very intrigued

Millennials... rejoice.

Marks and Spencers has just launched a range of stoneless avocados making that job of hacking out the centre stone, a thing of the past.


We all know the struggle of trying to twist and turn the delicate fruit without ruining the delicious centre on a Sunday morning as we prep our avo-toast.

But now M&S has announced that selected stores will be releasing a stoneless version this December throughout the UK and Ireland.

This new breed of avocados will also be smaller than the ones we are used to ranging from approximately five to eight centimetres in length. They actually remind us a little of mini courgettes.


These cocktail avocados are a result of an unpollinated avocado blossom and the avocado skin is softer and edible too. Ideal.

However these easy peasy avos will not be around for long as they are only available and in-season for the month of December. Tear tear.

We are still dying to give them a go, would you?