M&S's gin liqueur snow globes are perfect for your tree - and also for drinking 2 years ago

M&S's gin liqueur snow globes are perfect for your tree - and also for drinking

When it comes to Christmas this year, anything goes.

The festive season is officially here and the decorations have already started making an appearance, making everything brighter, more sparkly, and just generally better.


Although Christmas will be different this year we can still make the most of it, and after a year like 2020 I think we'll appreciate the little things even more.

After all, tis the season for Christmas trees to be decked out in all the fairy lights you can find and the prettiest (or tackiest) baubles you can get your hands on.

So this year, why not make your tree even more glam by adding some snow globe baubles filled with gin? Yes you heard me right, snow globes filled with gin. What's the point in a snow globe when it's not filled with gin, in fairness?


M&S's Snow Globe Clementine Gin Liqueur are now available as Christmas tree baubles, proving the retailer really do know their audience. Decorating your tree in alcohol, who would have thought?!

The baubles come in a packs of three and are filled with sparkling 23-carat edible gold leaf which is sprinkled throughout the gin. The gold leaf makes the baubles look extra stunning when you have them near fairy lights on your tree.

M&S have also made the product even more magical by adding an LED light to the base of the globe to illuminate everything in the bottle.


The snow globes are available for less than 20 euro, with each bauble containing a double measure of gin.

Last year, these things were sold out within days of going on sale. There were even queues for them as they were restocked in the shops, so if you fancy getting your hands on them, you may want to ask fast.

They're also available to purchase online here, though they are currently out of stock. Worth keeping an eye though, so save you a trip to the shops.