M&S's new Christmas snack 'Yumnuts' are causing quite the stir 10 months ago

M&S's new Christmas snack 'Yumnuts' are causing quite the stir

Anyone in the mood for some Yumnuts?

Please do not read this article if nut innuendos offend you. You have been warned.


M&S have released a new festive treat but the name is causing quite the stir online. The yum yum-donut hybrid has been given a Christmas makeover and it's been named the Yumnut (tm), seems pretty standard but for some reason people are not taking kindly to the name.

Are they not in fact yum? Is it that they're not nutty enough? What exactly is the issue here?

Let's investigate:


Ok, if we look at this objectively the treat itself is a donut hybrid. M&S clearly believe it's incredibly yummy, so they've mashed the words together and trademarked it for good measure!


So, why are people offended?

We can't say for certain, but it could be the 'Santa' in front of 'Yumnut' within the tweet that's causing the upset. We have to admit it does insinuate that they are Santa's... well you can figure it out.

We've compiled a few of the more interesting reactions:



We're sure M&S knew exactly what they were doing and to be fair, the flaky treats do look entirely appetising.


Maybe people just aren't in the mood for Santa's Yumnuts?

Ok, I'm leaving.