Nespresso ups their iced coffee game with Brazilian vibes and flavours 1 year ago

Nespresso ups their iced coffee game with Brazilian vibes and flavours

Iced coffee season is here.



We don't know about you, but to us, few things say summer like the refreshing, delicious taste of an iced coffee.

And this summer, Nespresso is bringing out two new capsule flavours that are perfect for iced coffees – both heavily inspired by the vibrancy and flavours of Brazil.

Inspired by the delicious flavours of the tropics and in honour of Brazil’s national drink, the Caipirinha, lime and mint take centre stage resulting in the refreshing new Barista Creations Liminha over Ice and Exotic Liminha over Ice flavoured coffees – and even the packing reflects this, with its vibrant and sunny yellow hue.


Nespresso’s Summer 2022 collection is fronted by no other than Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio as the campaign’s muse, and this summer, as well as embodying positivity and good vibes, Nespresso wants to encourage coffee lovers to make time for wellness and a more mindful summer outlook.

Make time for a coffee – and a wellness routines

Starting new, healthier routines always feels easier to do during the summer. The mornings are bright, the evenings are longer, and, in general, we all tend to spend more time outside in nature and fresh air during this season.

"Summer is the ideal moment to implement new routines, and whether that be a regular morning espresso alongside yoga practice, or an iced coffee whilst reflecting and
rnaling, coffee is the grounding element that helps to sustain these rituals," the Nespresso press release reads.


To channel this mindful energy, Nespresso will put forward positive mantras throughout the summer season, with two of them Brew, Breathe, Bloom and Inhale, Exhale, Enjoy to be featured on limited edition coffee mugs.

As well as the exotic new flavoured iced coffees, Nespresso’s summer collection brings with it limited-edition accessories, like the coffee mugs with inspirational quotes, and Vertuo machine, and the new flavours for iced coffees, infused with tropical lime and mint sensations, are perfect to keep the heat at bay this summer. 

The Liminha over Ice and Exotic Liminha over Ice are inspired by zesty Brazilian flavours and are accompanied by brand new innovative recipes for an indulgent iced coffee moment to enjoy in the height of summer.


Commenting on her involvement with the Nespresso summer campaign, Alessandra Ambrosio said:

"Summer is my favourite time of the year, and as a Brazilian Im so proud to be the face of a campaign which is inspired by my home country. I love the concept of coffee marking important moments of reflection throughout the day."

She adds:

"Im so excited to be a part of such an uplifting campaign and to work with Nespresso to bring to life these delicious recipes, summery accessories, and quality coffee and the Liminha over Ice really is Brazilian summer in a cup!"