We NEVER knew it was this easy to make your own chocolate bomb 1 year ago

We NEVER knew it was this easy to make your own chocolate bomb

Minimal effort, maximum payout is what we want in the kitchen.

The chocolate bomb is probably the most Instagrammed dessert out there. Any restaurants that serve it can probably guarantee multiple boomerangs a day.

Round these parts, we're all pretty much chocaholics and we love nothing more than an easy, impressive dessert.

Until now, we never realised how easy it is to make one of our favourite sweet treats, the chocolate bomb.

The instructions are in this fantastic video we spotted on Youtube that shows you how to do some really impressive things with chocolate and they're all super simple.

It shows you how to make chocolate butterfly decorations simply out of tracing paper, a stencil and melted chocolate and a very cool chocolate design you can create using just a sheet of bubble wrap.

If you're specifically looking to make a melting chocolate bomb, skip to 2:56 in the video. All you need is a blown up balloon and melted chocolate. You simply dip the balloon into the chocolate mixture and leave to cool. One hard, pop the balloon and place over whatever dessert you have made for an extra special touch.

To create the desired melting effect, heat more chocolate or caramel sauce and pour over the chocolate ball so it melts away.

And voilà, Marry Berry herself would be impressed!