A new ice cream bar is opening in Arnotts - and it has vegan options 1 year ago

A new ice cream bar is opening in Arnotts - and it has vegan options

I scream, you scream...

Arnotts is getting a brand new ice cream bar and it's got a little something for everyone.


From waffles to coffee and plenty of ice cream to choose from, Betty's Milk Bar everything you could want from an ice cream treat.

Opened by sisters Domini and Peaches Kemp, the girls who brought Ista into our lives, they are taking the reins on this new store in Arnotts and it sounds to die for.

They specialise in soft serve whipped ice cream, including different flavours and "delectable home-made toppings", there's definitely something here you'll adore. There's even vegan options, so no matter what you're diet is, they have your back.

So what exactly can we expect to get here? On the menu there's a "fabulous range of soft serve creations, including the Betty Butter, served with home-made warm salted caramel sauce, melted toffee crisp and Peanut M&M’s."


Along with this, the Betty Brown has a dark chocolate shell with caramel pecan brownie, warm salted caramel sauce and mini malt balls. Yes, please...

And of course there's the Mini Betty, which consists of white chocolate sauce, home-made strawberry compote, unicorn dust and sprinkles.

But for anyone needing a caffeine kick, the Betty's Helper is served with a shot of espresso, Nutella sauce and Oreos.


Co-Founder of Betty’s Milk Bar, Domini Kemp said about the opening: “We are so excited to launch Betty’s Milk Bar at Arnotts just in time for the summer months. This is our first venture with my daughter, Lauren Kemp-Gallagher, and we are passionate about bringing the best quality ice-cream and home-made toppings to Dublin city centre."

"It was important to us to have both vegan and dairy soft-serve ice-cream options so that everyone can enjoy their own personalised sweet treat.”


Of course they've got the classics too like the Plain Betty, the standard flake and sauce. Or the Betty's Waffle topped with maple syrup and berries.

All you have to do is pick a cone or cup, vegan or dairy ice cream and then the rest is up to you.

The store opened this week and you can grab your own creation at the Liffey Street entrance.