A new method to keep avocados ripe could be on the way! 5 years ago

A new method to keep avocados ripe could be on the way!

Avocados are the marmite of the fruit world.

People either love them or hate them. For those among us who delight in a bit guacamole goodness, we know that the struggle is real when it comes to keeping the rot at bay.



From past experiences it’s almost impossible to pre-cut an avocado and keep it fresh for lunch. It’s probably the most common and irritating # first world problem that plagues our daily lives.

To top it all off, an avocado’s short life spam results in a serious amount of unnecessary waste.

Thankfully, an Australian company Naturo Technologies have invented a device that allegedly slows down the browning process of avocados without the use of chemicals.


It’s called the Natavo Zero, and its inventor Jeff Hastings a like-minded agricultural engineer explained that his state of the art technology works by “turning off” a particular enzyme in the avocado fruit.

Damn science. You cool.




(Photo courtesy of Naturo Technologies)

This enzyme is what makes the avocado turn brown when it’s exposed to oxygen. Hastings refers to his creation as the ‘avocado time machine’, which sorta looks like an airport security machine with a massive conveyor belt.

Once the avocados are processed through the ‘time machine’, the company claims that they can stay fresh for up to 10 days.

Unfortunately, the company are only making these ‘time machines’ on a large scale basis at the moment but reassured reporters that a scaled down customer product could be made in the future.


Well, hurry up dammit! While we're at it, if someone could figure out how to stop pre made crisp sandwiches from sogging too that would be delightful.