Non-spill wine glasses are now available and yeah, best idea ever 4 months ago

Non-spill wine glasses are now available and yeah, best idea ever

Wine glasses that prevent spills?

If you've ever found yourself in a situation where you had to remove a red wine stain, you'll know just how difficult that is.

The future has arrived though and with it brings NON-SPILL WINE GLASSES.

Excuse the caps but I honestly feel this is news worth shouting about.

Where? Why? When? Exactly how I felt friends and let me tell you everything.

A company named Aura has designed the glasses that rotate/pivot on a glass ball so that you avoid spilling a single drop of your favourite wine.

They're described as "aerating glasses" with 14oz capacity and the main advantage is they are designed for "easy, non-spill swirling" to blend the flavours and aromas of your wine.

And avoid any disastrous carpet/white jeans accidents too, of course.

I mean if you've splashed out on a delicious bottle of Sancerre or maybe some Whispering Angel for summer, the last thing you want is to lose any of the good stuff.

The good people at Yahoo! Lifestyle alerted me to this news and wow, it really is a gamechanger.

After a simple Google search, we found that there are some available on Amazon with this particular deal seemingly shipping to Ireland too.

Prices seem to vary depending on where you shop but at the moment you can grab two for 45 which works out to around €40.

That's the birthday, Christmas and special occasion gifts sorted for the next while so, your pals will love you.