A Nutella cafe is opening in NYC and we're booking our flights now 2 years ago

A Nutella cafe is opening in NYC and we're booking our flights now

We'll see you there, so.

The world is officially getting ANOTHER official Nutella cafe - and we're booking our flights already.

Because unfortunately, it will be a little far away if you want to visit.

Like, approximately 5,100 km away; about the distance to get to New York City.

That's right, Nutella is taking a bite out of the Big Apple and launching a cafe which we can only imagine will have queues out the door for ages. 

There's no exact date for when it will open just yet, but the dreamy cafe does have a location.

It will be located at 13th Street and University Place, which is near Union Square.

The decision to open another cafe was made following the success of their Chicago one, which opened its doors last May.

Rick Fossali, vice president of operations, Nutella Cafe, said:

"There truly is nothing like the taste of Nutella® hazelnut spread, and with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Nutella Cafe Chicago, we know our fans feel the same way.

"It's their excitement that propelled us to open another Nutella Cafe and continue to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of this beloved product."

There's no official menu available yet for the cafe since the whole thing was only announced a on Thursday.

But if it's anything like what the Chicago cafe has, Nutella fans will definitely be in for a treat.

Just have a look at some of the treats Nutella Cafe Chicago is dishing up.