Oreo Bagels are a reality and we can't deal 6 years ago

Oreo Bagels are a reality and we can't deal


It seems that the current trend in baking is to make things as luxurious and over the top as possible.


I mean who could forget the gold plated doughnut back in January:

Or, the ridiculous goodness that is a Macaronut.


Where does it end, we ask?

Well, a New Jersey bagel shop has made something so truly spectacular I needed a few minutes to myself when I saw the photos.


An oreo bagel.

That's correct.


The shop is called The Bagel Nook and it frankly should post warnings before it uploads photos like this.

Also, special mention to this chocolate chip cookie bagel. Christ on a cracker:


Look at this tie dye bagel. So My Little Pony:

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(Lead Image via Instagram/the_bagel_nook)