An outdoor pizza oven BBQ smoker is coming to Lidl really soon 2 years ago

An outdoor pizza oven BBQ smoker is coming to Lidl really soon

Perfect for those long, summer, (rainy) nights.

Look lads, we know - there is only so much outdoor furniture and appliances that one household can have.


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, if you've got a back garden, chances are you've spent a bit of time on it. Sure, what else would be up to?

Planting flowers, hanging plants, purchasing entire outdoor garden sets for all of the max six people that you're allowed to have in your home. The possibilities for a glorious summer garden are endless.

No, really. Endless. As in, without an end.

So, why not take advantage of the fact that we're all going to be spending an awful lot more time in our gaffs this summer and look into getting yourself a multi-use outdoor oven suitable for pizza baking, BBQing, and smoking?


It'll only set you back a cool €129.99 - and a good bit of socially distant queuing, probably.

Lidl's new Multi-Use Outdoor Oven is large enough to cook a 12-inch pizza and has a chrome-plated cooking grill for barbecuing on, which can also be used for smoking fish and meat.

It's a decent enough shout for BBQing some meat, some meat substitutes, and everything in between. It is also, as its product description would suggest, good for smoking too.


You do truly love to see it.

The oven will be available in all 163 Lidl stores across the country from Thursday 25 June while stocks last.