Pancake charcuterie boards exist and breakfast will never be the same again 2 weeks ago

Pancake charcuterie boards exist and breakfast will never be the same again

The latest trend on Instagram has our mouth watering: pancake boards.

Think charcuterie boards but with delicious pancakes and sweet treats. This is a trend that will be sure to up your brunch game at home - and the pictures that have been doing the rounds online have us buzzing to try one.


Since there is every chance that restaurants will be closing again, we're going to be back serving brunch to our families in our homes. So, why not entertain yourself by putting effort in to make a delicious pancake board?

I am a massive fan of charcuterie boards, they're the perfect thing to order when you just want to pick. This new pancake board could change the way you do breakfast.

It's a trend that started a little while ago on Instagram and has people going crazy for the deliciously creative boards.

So if you're thinking of whipping up some breakfast over Christmas why not go all out and impress your family with pancakes and all the fixings?

It's easy enough to do, just make sure you have a decent size wood board. Our advice would be to make small enough pancakes too, so you have loads of room for the toppings. Also smaller pancakes means more pancakes.


The toppings are up to you really. Some people fill their boards with fruits and yoghurt, others add in some bacon as an option.

There's been some very delicious looking ones online with scrambled egg even included on the board too. Every board I've seen looks delicious in its own way, so whether it's sweet or savoury you're after you can do both, it's completely up to you.

All you have to do is make sure you take a good picture of your board and show it off to all your followers on Instagram. Simple.