This pasta straining trick has completely blown our minds 5 years ago

This pasta straining trick has completely blown our minds

Our minds are blown.

We've got some bad news - it turns out we all might've been making pasta wrong our whole lives.


Or straining it wrong, at least.

The easy-to-make meal is often one of the first things that people learn how to cook, mostly because it's very difficult to mess up.

But Twitter user @Daibella recently shared a series of screen grabs that have blown our pasta-loving minds.

And probably proven we've been making it wrong our whole lives.


We would normally put the colander in the sink and pour the boiling pot of water into it (while hoping there's no splash back onto our skin), before re-adding the noodles back into the pot while mixing in sauces and other ingredients.

But it turns out we may've been doing it wrong this entire time.


@Daibella's photo series shows a sieve being placed on top of the boiling pot, where it fits snuggly, before dumping out the water straight into the sink.

The cooking hack first emerged on social media earlier this week and has since gotten 34,000 retweets and almost 75,000 likes.

And while plenty of people were quick to praise the pasta trick, others weren't so sure about the idea.

One person asked:


"He's one handing it? How does the spaghetti not just slip through the other side?"

Another pointed out:

"This is not how you do it, this is not how the professional chefs of Food network do it, no."