People can't get over the picture of this co-worker's 'misery gruel' breakfast 4 years ago

People can't get over the picture of this co-worker's 'misery gruel' breakfast


Think of the grimmest thing you could possibly have for breakfast.


Now forget all about that thing because this thing is absolutely at least 10 times more grim and once you see it, you will not be able to forget about it for about four days.

Reddit user Jeffrey Russell took to the site to share a photo of the extremely questionable breakfast that his friend had sent him.

According to the friend, their co-worker was eating the following concoction for breakfast.

A friend took this pic of their coworker's breakfast... from r/shittyfoodporn


That is a hard-boiled egg crushed in with some chopped banana in a bowl, yes.

See, we told you. Grim.

The photo was shared in the thread, 'shittyfoodporn'... because it's shitty food porn, essentially.


... And, unsurprisingly, people were fairly horrified by it.

"Hard-boiled eggs, good. Bananas, good. Hard-boiled eggs and bananas in a bowl, I'd be questioning my life choices," said one user.

"Might be the "fuck it" stage of their New Year's diet," suggested another.


One user theorised that the unknown person was simply trying to get their protein levels up and that desperate times had led to desperate measures.

They said that they too had consumed their fair share of "misery gruel" in the form of "... tuna and plain yogurt mashed into the hard boiled egg whites instead of banana."

Christ, it just gets worse, doesn't it?