The perfect pressie: Hello Kitty pink prosecco is now a thing 4 years ago

The perfect pressie: Hello Kitty pink prosecco is now a thing

Any gal with a pink obsession will adore this.

We all had something from Hello Kitty as kids - be it stationery, a rucksack, teddy or duvet cover, you could buy pretty much anything with the little cat's face on it back in the nineties or early 2000s.


Now the brand has now come out with a range of merch especially for grown-ups.

For the first time, prosecco-loving huns will be able to sip on a glass of Hello Kitty - themed bubbles.


The brand has launched its own wine range just in time for Christmas and it includes what they're calling a "sparkling rosé" - basically prosecco as it's Italian.

The selection of wines also includes a Sweet Pink Wine, a Pinot Noir and a Pinot Nero, all sold in cute bottles bearing the Hello Kitty branding.


Sadly, Irish customers can't get their hands on these just yet.

Sanrio, the Hello Kitty parent company, has only announced that the wines will be available in US stores so you'll have to get a friend who's travelling from the states to pick it up for you if you'd like some.

The bottles are being sold for $24 (just over €20) each or you can get the whole lot for €147 (€124.70).

Excuse us, we're off to start a petition for these to be sold here...