Pink gin is coming to Lidl for Valentine's Day and it's only €14.99 a bottle 2 years ago

Pink gin is coming to Lidl for Valentine's Day and it's only €14.99 a bottle


If you don't recall the pink gin hype of late last year, you must have been living under a rock or not reading

Back in the day, Gordons released their pink gin and everybody couldn't really be dealing with it because it tasted like berries and strawberries and lots of other nice things.

Understandably, it absolutely flew off the shelves and we were all delighted because not only did we all have an excuse to drink more gin, but now the gin aesthetic had been upped considerably because the drink was pink and who doesn't like pink things?

And now, the gin game has gotten even better because Lidl are launching their own version of pink gin just in time for Valentine's Day and it sounds delicious.

The Hortus gin comes in two flavours - raspberry and rhubarb and ginger - which is honestly great because if you get sick of one you can pop right over to the other.

And the even better news? It's only €14.99 a bottle.


The gin will be in Lidl stores across the country from Monday, Febuary 12 and honestly, you'd want to be quick if you're planning on getting yourself a bottle because this stuff is expected to fly off the shelves.

When the gin was launched in Lidl in the UK back in November, seven bottles of it were sold every minute.

Looks like everyone enjoys pink gin as much as us then.