Pink UNICORN beer actually exists, and we are THIRSTY for it 1 year ago

Pink UNICORN beer actually exists, and we are THIRSTY for it

Would you try this?

Okay, so last year the world was OBSESSED with unicorns.

Honestly, people were dying their hair unicorn colours, putting unicorn highlighter on their cheeks and eating unicorn chocolate.

It was a glorious time to be alive.

And while the obsession may have taken a dip, people still love those mystical looking horses a lot.

Myself included, I must add. I am a huge unicorn enthusiast.

unicorn beer

Which is why I'm so pleased to introduce you all to this pink unicorn beer, which you BREW YOURSELF.

Ah, I love a gimmick.

*no unicorns were harmed in the making of this beer fyi*

Enclosed is almost EVERYTHING you need for an entire gallon of delicious pink pale ale - with mystical sprinkles that never sink!

unicorn beer

Your homemade unicorn elixir is naturally pink from beetroot and double dry-hopped with super fruity hops.

Pour yourself a pint of pink and invite your local faeries round to partake in an ethereal thirst-quenching unlike any other.

The Brooklyn Brewshop Unicorn IPA Beer Making Kit will set you back €45, which is a small price to pay for pure happiness.