Pinot Grigio donuts are real things and they absolutely too fancy for us 2 years ago

Pinot Grigio donuts are real things and they absolutely too fancy for us

Ah, stop.

Donuts have been all the rage as of late - this we know.

You've got Oreo flavoured donuts, prosecco flavoured donuts, cream, fruit, and mascarpone flavoured donuts.

All the donuts you could ever need.

Still though, among all of this dough-based, sugar filled goodness, there is one kind of donut that we haven't seen bopping about the place so much.

The Pinot Grigio donut.

Yeah, we know what you're thinking - we haven't seen the Pinot Grigio donut bopping about the place so much because who would ever even want a Pinot Grigio donut?


That's who.

Just look at them, like.

Cream-y, Pinot-y, far too fancy for us-y.


The Pinot Grigio donuts are a special edition baked good created by New York's The Doughnut Project in celebration of America's National Pinot Grigio Day.

Yes, that is a thing.

The donuts have a Cavit Pinot Grigio glaze with a meringue topping and golden sprinkles. There's also a stunning cheesecake filling.


Unfortunately for us though, these Pinot Grigio donuts are only available in New York, due to the fact that they are being sold by The Doughnut Project, which is based in New York.

Makes sense.

Still though, doesn't mean we can't stare longingly at photos of them and hope that, one day, we will too be fancy enough to consume the stunningly beautiful and inevitably delicious Pinot Grigio donut.

One day, lads.

One day.