Pizza Lovers Will Be FURIOUS At This Twitter Thread 5 years ago

Pizza Lovers Will Be FURIOUS At This Twitter Thread

People who love pizza are VERY particular about it. From toppings to how it should be served, everyone has their own individual preferences.

As a disclaimer, I must tell you that I am not a pizza fan but the following thread of tweets from Twitter user @sad_tree even has me fuming.


The epic tale starts with some intrigue:

We want to know why, immediately. Beautiful storytelling.



That's right. The man was picking up the pizzas and just CASUALLY tucking them under his arm. Think of the toppings sir, please.

The pizza workers were rightly offended and tried their best to stop this horror. They offered to bring the pizzas out to his car, free delivery, or other alternatives. But still, he tucked.

Something had to be done.


His response?



You can read the full thread here.

Lead Image via Getty/Twitter @sad_tree