Potatoes are less popular these days and it's all our fault 3 years ago

Potatoes are less popular these days and it's all our fault

How dare we?

There are plenty of things that us wretched millennials have ruined.


The housing market is one thing. The over abundance of avocados on every menu is another.

And apparently, so is the dropping popularity of the humble potato.

How tragic.

According to a report recently published in The Grocer, potato sales have fallen by 5.4 percent since 2010 and it's all down to us horrid young people.

Agricultural experts have claimed that consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 are to blame for the world's lacking interest in all things potato.

And we would say could you blame us really when they take so bloody long to boil? But no, you can blame us because potatoes are delicious and they deserve to be popular always.


The report states that millennials are purchasing more “healthy, convenient and exotic” products over the potato, whether it's due to the starch ingredients or that potatoes are just "too fattening and heavy" - a statement which is gravely untrue, if eaten in moderation.

Or not in moderation. Go to town on those potatoes, we can't stop you.

Seemingly, instead of potatoes, we're all buying things like spiralised courgette, quinoa, and Uncle Ben's boil in the bag rice.

Harrowing life choices all round.