Oh, please NO! The price of a can of Diet Coke is set to RISE 1 year ago

Oh, please NO! The price of a can of Diet Coke is set to RISE

No thanks.

Is there anything more refreshing than an ice cold can of Diet Coke?

It is possibly my favourite beverage of all time (sorry gin, still love you!)

Anyway, if you're an avid coca cola fan, you'll be sad to hear that the price of a can is going up.


Apparently, we have Donald Trump to thank for this inconvenience.

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The CEO of Coca Cola said:

"We had to take with our bottling partners an increase in prices in our sparkling beverage industry in the middle of the year, which is relatively uncommon."

"That's the metal steel and aluminum going up. The labour going up."

"The tariffs on the metals, it's one of many factors [that] cost us to go out in the middle of the year and announce a price increase."

"We're very focused on creating local businesses, with local factories, with local jobs."

"Less trade and more tariffs will mean less economic growth in the end and that will affect us."

As we all know, President Trump as introduced tariffs on imported aluminium and steel coming from Mexico, China and The EU.

This has also resulted in those countries adding tariffs to goods coming in from America.

What a time to be alive.

Basically, cans of coke will cost more because the materials involved will cost more.