Property developer offers free avocado toast for one year with every home sold 3 years ago

Property developer offers free avocado toast for one year with every home sold

Because millennials are obsessed with avocado toast, get it?!

You may or may not recall, but a few years back someone made the call that millennials would never be able to afford their own homes because they keep spending their money on avocado toast.


A bold statement, if not entirely bullshit.

Since then, many people have cashed in on this apparent gap in the millennial market and gotten us to buy even more avocados on toast and even less homes for ourselves.

That was until a property developer in Canada decided that they wanted to do the opposite and encourage the purchase of homes with the promise of free avocado toast.

Enticing? Or entirely futile?


Who knows (or cares), but it's happening and here are the ever-so-important details.

Vancouver's WoodBridge Homes is currently building a new condo complex called The Kira where the all-lucky residents will be treated to perks like meditation rooms and stunning rooftops chill areas.

Oh, and a year's supply of avocado toast.


Yeah, really.

"Saving for a down payment does require some saving and sacrificing,’ president of WoodBridge Homes, Jamie Howard, told The Star.

"At the Kira project, we say you can have your avocado toast and eat it too."


Great. Just what every millennial wants.

The homes looks fairly unreal to be honest, but they will set you back at least $399,999 so, yeah, probably not something us poor millennials will be diving into for a few years yet.

But who knows what the future may bring?

If you happen to want to know more about The Kira project, you can register your interest here. 


Or, for a cheaper alternative, head down to your local brunch spot for some avo on toast.