PSA: You can get cheesy garlic bites at McDonald's now 1 year ago

PSA: You can get cheesy garlic bites at McDonald's now

Everybody stay calm.

This is a public service announcement, McDonald's has just added cheesy garlic bites to their menu.


No, we're not joking.

McDonald's cheese bites and mozzarella dippers might be the best thing they have there, and now we get a garlic version, how did we get so lucky?

The cheesy garlic bites come in a single portion that gives you five of these bad boys for €2.60 or a share box for €6.80.


And that's not all that's new to the menu, a new BBQ quarter pounder has found itself on the menu too, and it looks like heaven.

You can get a regular for €4.50 or a double for €5.30, and it's made with 100%British and Irish beef, two slices of melted cheese, fresh onions, gherkins, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce.

To top off the three course McDonald's meal, they also have new McFlurrys, with the Aero range being replaced by Mars and Twix.


If anyone managed to get their hands on the Celebrations McFlurry over Christmas, you'll know these two work so well as toppings.

Like any other McFlurry special, they'll cost €2.50 for a regular and the mini McFlurry costs €1.90.

But you're going to need to be quick to get your hands on these new additions, with the items being on the menu for the next four weeks.