PSA: McDonald's is selling breakfast pancakes ALL DAY tomorrow 3 years ago

PSA: McDonald's is selling breakfast pancakes ALL DAY tomorrow

Why? Because it's Pancake Tuesday of course.

Tomorrow, to mark Pancake Tuesday, McDonald's has decided to sell its breakfast pancakes all day across all 95 Irish stores.


So, put down the cooking utensils, stop attempting to flip that pancake you're only stressing youself out and instead, make your way to McDonald's where you can pick up three cakes for €3.40 hassle free.

If you're like me and you usually miss out on McDonald's breakfast because you sleep in past 11am every weekend, then this is the perfect time to feast on the delicious breakfast snack and let's not forget the warm maple syrup that comes with them - ummm.


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McDonald's has also vowed to keep flipping cakes until doors close meaning you've all day and night (5am - midnight) to pick yourself up some pancakes this Pancake Tuesday - February 25.

Want something more savoury? Swap the maple syrup for some chicken. Pancakes and chicken nuggets? I mean we've never tried it but we're not opposed to the idea.

However, if you're looking adamant about brushing up on your baking skills and giving pancake flipping just one more shot, you can follow our recipe here for some seriously lush American style pancakes.

Best of luck!