A pub in England wants to pay someone £500 to be their official 'Kebab taster' 9 months ago

A pub in England wants to pay someone £500 to be their official 'Kebab taster'

Hello, dream job.

Get ready for this lads.

This Autumn, The Botanist pub and bar chain are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a self-confessed kebab lover to be hired as their official ‘Hanging Kebab Taster’.

With a pay packet of £500 for their time, plus a year’s worth of hanging kebabs, is this the tastiest way to earn some extra money this Autumn?

Why yes, it is.

Famed for its Hanging Kebabs™, The Botanist is looking for a person who can help ensure their kebabs remain ‘grill-iant’ as they can be, as they introduce an additional four Hanging Kebabs™ to their all-new everyday menu inspired by the comforts of home.

The newest skewer options – taking the total number of kebabs from four to eight – includes the pub classic Surf and Turf and their first Vegan option – Tofurky® sausage.

James Scott, Executive Chef at The Botanist and The New World Trading Company comments:

“Our Hanging Kebabs™ have been a much-loved staple of our menu for close to 10 years now. Our chefs love grilling them almost as much as our guests enjoy eating them. We aim to showcase that kebabs can and should be eaten at the pub; not just after it.”

“We reviewed our entire vegan offering across our brands, and it was only natural this would lead to a vegan version of our most loved dish. I’m excited for even more people to be able to enjoy our kebabs.”

Kebab experts who feel they’ve got what it takes can apply by detailing their Kebab experience via The Botanist’s website or emailed directly to hangingkebabs@thebotanist.uk.com.

kebab taster

The advert from The Botanist’s website details the following job description:

Are you a self-confessed ‘Kebab Connoisseur’? Do you have a signature sauce and side combination? Is getting your weekly kebab fix the best part of your weekend?

We’re searching for someone to attend the ultimate kebab taste-test to make sure our latest Hanging Kebabs™ are as good as they’ve ever been. One lucky candidate will be chosen to taste a variety of our Hanging Kebabs™ in an exclusive session to help us decide the perfect side dish, condiments and drink to serve with the dish we’ve become famous for.

Will the traditional Properly Seasoned Chips and an ice-cold Goose Island suffice, or are Hanging Kebabs™ more suited to a well-crafted cocktail and side of Onion Petals. Oh, and did we mention you’ll also be paid £500 for YOUR time along with Hanging Kebabs™ every month throughout 2020.

Click ‘Apply’ below and tell us why you’d be the perfect fit for a chance to be hired. Unlike most job adverts… even recruiters are welcome on this one!

Say no more folks. We will be applying.