This is the reason why there are fewer green triangles in Quality Street boxes 2 years ago

This is the reason why there are fewer green triangles in Quality Street boxes

Every Christmas, it feels like there are just never enough green triangles in our boxes of Quality Street.

And for a while, we were beginning to wonder if we had imagined it.


But the folks behind the festive treats have confirmed this is, in fact, the case - and there's a fairly logical reason why.

A spokesperson for Nestlé explained to iNews:

"The Quality Street assortment is made of up of three different types of sweet: fruit cremes, chocolates, and toffees and fudge.

"Each tub is broadly split into thirds along these lines, which is why you will get more sweets like the strawberry delight, one of only two fruit cremes.

"[You get] fewer of the purple one and green triangle, [as they] are just two of the five mainly chocolate-based sweets."

And while the green triangles, purple chocolates and strawberry delights are some of the ones that chocolate fans adore the most, the one with "the broadest appeal" is the caramel swirl.

The spokesperson explained that they also have to keep the nutritional value of each chocolate in mind when making up the tubs, as some favourites have more sugar and fat.

If there are too many chocolates with higher calories, this would lead the tub to having an increased nutritional value.


And they also have to factor in the weight of each chocolate, too.

They added:

"Other factors we have to consider during the process are keeping the weight, nutritional value, and cost of each tub steady so that the on-pack labelling and RRP is accurate and consistent."

Well, guess that settles it.