If you drink this amount of coffee a day, it can aid in weight loss 2 years ago

If you drink this amount of coffee a day, it can aid in weight loss

Praise be to caffeine.

We'd be half-zombie-half-child during the week if we didn't have coffee.


We rejoice in the office when someone gets up and asks, "anyone for a cup?" and sometimes will nurse one for an hour like it's our baby.

And while it's great for kicking us up a notch throughout the day, it has been found to aid weight loss as well.

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According to Delish, who spoke to a registered dietician in New York, research shows that drinking eight ounces of coffee (a Starbucks - size tall - is about 12 ounces, FYI) can speed up your metabolism by as much as 4 percent in just under three hours.

What's more, sipping on coffee throughout the day can burn an extra 100 calories a day, which would add up to you losing 10 pounds a year.

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Caffeine and the antioxidant chlorogenic acid helps metabolize sugar and fat, so while it's always best to have a balanced diet, this little trick could help you along the way.


Delish notes that it's all about the timing, as it takes an hour and a half for caffeine to go through your system. So instead of knocking a venti latte down at 7am, maybe opt to sip on smaller cups throughout the day and before meals.