This sauce (that we literally put on everything) is really unhealthy for you 1 year ago

This sauce (that we literally put on everything) is really unhealthy for you

Oops, we literally dash this on everything.

If you're fond of Asian cuisine then you'll no doubt have eaten something with soy sauce in it.


It's used in most Asian dishes and, when it comes to sushi it's literally a must.

It turns out that it's quite unhealthy for you, which shouldn't be surprising because of its high salt content - however, what is surprising is that most soy sauces contains way more salt than a Big Mac.

A study was carried out at Australia's The George Institute for Global Health and it assessed 150 different asian style sauces.

Among them were fish sauce, oyster sauce and soy - but the research found that just one tablespoon of the stuff contains 61 percent of your recommended daily salt intake. Bonkers.

The study was carried out over an 8 year period - from 2010 to 2018 - but before you completely cut soy sauce out of your life it was noted that some brands' sauce contain more salt than others, so it would benefit you to read the food label before you throw one in your trolley.

Dietitian Sian Armstrong from Australia's Heart Foundation said: "We know that stir-fry dishes are really popular because they are quick, fresh and healthy but too many of us are unaware of just how much salt is hidden in the sauces we use.

"Too much salt can cause high blood pressure, which increases your risk of stroke, heart and kidney disease."