*Drool* This savoury cheeseboard cheesecake looks absolutely divine 11 months ago

*Drool* This savoury cheeseboard cheesecake looks absolutely divine

A cheesecake with actual real-life cheese on top.

OK; so we know what you're thinking: "Eww, that sounds vile, cheesecake should be with Toblerone or Maltesers only, not actual cheddar cheese." But just wait until you see...


This work of art is by cake company, Pleese Cakes and we would be lying if we said we are not drooling right now all over our keyboards as we type.

Yes, this beautiful cake comes topped with grapes, cheese, walnuts, and cranberries - and it has a cream cracker base with a spiced apple and pear chutney filling. Certainly different, but we reckon equally appealing.


However, if you are still a diehard chocolate cheesecake fan then fear not: Pleese Cakes makes some seriously INSANE-looking chocolate cakes too and we are in heaven RN.

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A look at the cake-maker's site reveals that it is - LAMENT! - based in Surrey in the UK. It furthermore states that its deliver radius is around 65km... so not enough to stretch to Ireland, sadly.

It does add, however, that "you can also request to collect your order" which means we may have to book flights right now.