Say Goodbye To The Time Out Bar, They Are Being Replaced 4 years ago

Say Goodbye To The Time Out Bar, They Are Being Replaced

It's a sad day. 

I often get stick in the Her office for admitting that the Time Out is my favourite chocolate bar.

What's not to like, it's got the right amount of Cadbury's chocolate, the perfect amount of crunch from the wafer and the flake carefully placed in the centre of the bar finishes it off nicely.

But now, they are about to become extinct.


They're being replaced by a Time Out Wafer. A WAFER! It's basically just a big version of the Pink Wafer.

Image via Twitter/@528CStores 

I've tried the new version and although it is still delicious, it's not a patch on the humble Time Out.

I do also love a Pink Wafer from time to time, but if I wanted a Pink Wafer I would just buy one.

The reason for the change is because of the lack of interest in the bar by the general public.

The UK Cadbury's Twitter account told one customer, "Research shows Cadbury Time Out wasn't as popular as other bars so instead of discontinuing it. We’ve gave it a helping hand with a few changes!"

We reached out to Cadbury for comment on the change and they said, "Cadbury Time Out in its current form has been discontinued due to declining demand in recent years. We saw this as an opportunity to evolve the brand and are therefore bringing to market a new bar, called Cadbury Time Out Wafer,  a delicious snack that has  a new chocolate and wafer combination."