Scientists have found a way to make healthy eating easier 4 years ago

Scientists have found a way to make healthy eating easier

This could be very handy.

Most people find it difficult to eat healthily, we know that lots of greens and lean food is good for us, but sometimes sugary treats and salty fast food is just too tempting.


And while it's fine to indulge in these types of foods every now and again, it's generally pretty important to eat well most of the time.

Some people, no matter how hard they try just don't like the taste of healthy food, which is why some French scientists came up with a plan.

They are attempting to altar the smell of low fat and low sugar foods which could make them more appealing to your brain.

This is being done with the help of a machine that the French team are developing. It's an imaginative device that identifies and isolates the natural aromatic molecules associated with your favourite tastes. They can then apply those smells to healthier food options.

The device was unveiled by Thierry Thomas-Danguin and his team in Philadephia where it was tested out, according to

The results depended on how strong the taste of the food is already, before being altered. For example if the food already has a salty taste adding the aroma wont make them taste much saltier. Foods with a more bland flavour to begin with can be more easily altered to taste salty, which will appeal to those who don't favour healthy foods.

The creators hope that that food companies will incorporate some of these specific aroma molecules to make healthier foods more tasty without adding any unusual chemical ingredients but simply altering the smell. This tricks your brain into believing the healthy food tastes better.