This is the 'secret' to cooking the perfect pasta and we are starving 4 years ago

This is the 'secret' to cooking the perfect pasta and we are starving

Late night snack, anyone?

Everybody loves pasta.


It's easy to make, there are so many variations to it, it's delicious...

The list goes on.

It's no lie though that the pasta we whip up for ourselves at home never tastes half as unreal as the stuff that they give us in restaurants.

Well, ours doesn't anyway.


At best, it's usually acceptable provided that it's absolutely drowning in pesto and covered in cheese.

At worst, it's undercooked because we were too hungry to wait for the water to boil properly.

Either or.


As it turns out though, there is apparently a "secret" to making the perfect pasta - and it's all to do with the water.

According to very popular chef, Scott Conant, to make the perfect pasta, you need to leave a little bit of the water the pasta has been boiling in in the pot after you drain it.

You then add the sauce to this water to bring out the "perfect" flavour.

We are hungry just thinking about this, to be honest.


Scott revealed his secret to My Domaine and, honestly, we are very glad that he did.

The chef also said that in order to get the most out of your delicious Italian dish, you'd want to add a good bit of salt to the water the pasta is boiling in.

Enough that the mix becomes a kind of broth, but not too much that you ruin the flavours occurring in the pot.

Sounds good to us, Scott.


Sounds good to us.