A SLEEP restaurant has just opened in the UK, and it sounds dreamy 3 years ago

A SLEEP restaurant has just opened in the UK, and it sounds dreamy

How class does this sound?

A leading bed brand has enlisted the help of a hotel in the Lake District to launch the UK’s first ever ‘sleep restaurant’, with a menu featuring an array of dishes designed full of ingredients that are scientifically proven to help you fall asleep.


The world’s biggest bed brand Sealy UK has worked with the Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa, located just outside Keswick, to create a number of dishes, which feature on the hotel’s Lounge and Conservatory menu as well as the room service menu, that have been designed to help diners fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

The menu, which is available until March, has been carefully created to include ingredients which are high in vitamins and minerals, such as B Vitamins, tryptophan, calcium and magnesium, which have been scientifically proven to improve sleep.

All dishes, that have been designed using Sealy’s research into the effect of diet on sleep, have been tailored toward a different type of sleeper.


The ‘sleep menu’ includes:

  • The ‘early bird’ – Designed to help people who always wake up early and can’t get back to sleep, this dish contains Omega 3, which has been shown to improve sleep duration.

Pot roasted cod, roasted thyme roots and potatoes, buttered spinach, balsamic fish jus

  • The ‘land of nod’ – Created especially for people who have restless sleep because of nightmares and bad dreams, the ‘land of nod’ contains haddock, a source magnesium, which reduces levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and calms your nervous system.

Todd Hills Hall Farm 3 hen’s egg glazed omelette, baby spinach, glazed with Appleby creamery vintage cheese, Edan Valley Smokery smoked haddock

  • The ‘sleep like a log’ – Designed for people who have no problem dropping off, but tend to wake up multiple times in the night, this dish contains plenty of B vitamins, which are essential in regulating the body’s level of tryptophan, which helps to produce the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

Roasted red onion and olive hummus, sun blush tomatoes, grilled flat bread

  • The ‘rise and shine’ – This dish is packed with calcium and B vitamins, which help the brain to create melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep–wake cycle, and is designed for night owls who struggle to wake up in the morning.

The Gourmet Vegan Pizza - spicy vegetarian pizza, black olives, jalapenos loaded with extra vegan cheese.

sleep restaurant

Following their meal, diners can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep in the Lodore Falls hotel, on one of Sealy’s beds.

Natalie Armstrong, sleep expert at Sealy UK, said: “Sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body and mind, but far too often it is being overlooked. With our research finding that the average person in the UK wakes up feeling tired four days of every week [1], it’s clear that we are in the middle of a sleeplessness epidemic, but for many of us, getting that elusive good night’s sleep can seem like an impossible task.

“Luckily, whether it’s by upgrading our mattress or pillows to ensure we have a comfortable sleeping environment, or looking at whether the food we’re eating is conducive to a sleep, there are things we can do to make it more likely that we’ll achieve a healthy night’s sleep."


"Many people are unaware of the relationship between our diet and our sleep – in fact our research shows nearly half of people are unaware that nutrition impacts sleep – which is why we have partnered with Lodore Falls Hotel to launch the UK’s first sleep restaurant - helping people to eat their way to a better night’s sleep.”

Matt Collins, General Manager, at Lodore Falls, added:

“We’re really excited for our guests to sample the new sleep menuOur highly experienced chefs have been working closely with Sealy to create a range of delicious and nutritious dishes, which have been designed with sleep in mind, helping our guests enjoy a truly rejuvenating stay.”