Soda Stream, waffle maker, and candy floss machine coming to Aldi this month 1 year ago

Soda Stream, waffle maker, and candy floss machine coming to Aldi this month

Another week, another Specialbuy - and this time, there's a Soda Stream.

As if we didn't have enough crap in our kitchens, we're already planning to head straight out and purchase pretty much everything that Aldi is introducing to their middle aisle this month.


And can you blame us, really? There's some fairly decent bits in there.

Later this month, the retailer will be dropping a whole load of new kitchen appliances and gadgets, including a rotating waffle maker, a candy floss machine (!) and even a Soda Stream.

Just imagine the scene - you with the gals in your house (however many of them are permitted at this moment in time), drinking some sparkling water you made yourself. Waffles are cooking in the background, and someone's just handed you some candy floss on a stick, created directly from your home candy floss maker.

Dream scenario, we think you'll agree.


This month, Aldi will be selling all of the above appliances - and a few more, too - as part of their July Specialbuys.

The rotating waffle maker (€22.99) allows you to create delicious waffles for a sweet or savoury snack. It comes with a foldable cool-touch handle, non-stick coated cooking plates, and a drip tray for mess-free cooking.


The candy floss maker (€24.99) comes with a removable bowl and guard attachments, 10 bamboo sticks and a measuring spoon. Chances are you're going to need a whole lot more sticks than 10 if you're picking this bad boy up, but hey, we all got to start somewhere.

And now the pièce de résistance - the Soda Stream, for the fairly affordable price of €59.99. The sparkling water maker turns tap water to sparkling in seconds, allowing you to cut down on single-use plastic consumption, and saving 1282 bottles on average per household. That's a lot of bottles, in fairness. 


All products will be available to buy in all Aldi stores from July 18 while stocks last.