A Mean Girls bottomless brunch is happening in Dublin's Jam Park soon 2 years ago

A Mean Girls bottomless brunch is happening in Dublin's Jam Park soon

So fetch!

I don't know how I didn't burn a hole through my Mean Girls DVD when I was a teenager. I watched it on repeat after it was released and it was of course shown at absolutely every sleepover.


Still to this day I can't pass the aisle in Penneys with all the Mean Girls accessories and I'm currently sitting at a desk next to my Mean Girls mug, pencils and keys embellished with a Burn Book keychain.

Giving how much I was (OK, still am) obsessed with the film it should come as no surprise that I was ecstatic when I found out that there is a Mean Girls bottomless brunch coming to Dublin.

Jam Park is hosting a Mean Girls themed bottomless brunch this Saturday, March 14.


Kicking off from 12pm, the brunch is going to be all things North Shore High School and then some.

From a Mean Girls quiz, Drag Performances, Burn Books, Games, Prizes and screening the movie – there’s only one rule; on brunch days, we wear PINK.

Bottomless Brunch is €30 and can be paid for on the day – bottomless options include: pint of 5 Lamps, prosecco or Moscow Mule. Regular brunch options also available.

Also just for added fun – when the bartender shouts 'That’s so…' the first person to correctly reply 'Fetch' will fetch themselves a free shot.


mean girls

Each event will be kicking off within 15 minutes of the booking slot so be sure to arrive early to get yourself set up and comfortable.

When you arrive, you can head up to level 3, where the event is taking place.

Fetch, indeed.


Reservations can be made through the Jam Park website here.