Starbucks latest Christmas cup is one we need ASAP 3 years ago

Starbucks latest Christmas cup is one we need ASAP

All that glitters and MORE.

When it comes to things that sparkle, you can basically call us magpies because let's face it... Christmas is all about that extra bling and we mean EXTRA.


So, you can imagine our reaction when we saw the latest Starbucks cup to land on Irish shores.

Introducing this rose gold BEAUT.

The new Festive Cold Cup is everything we need and more.

This new cup lands just after the announcement of Starbucks latest Christmas drink "The Christmas Tree Frappuccino". A blend of peppermint mocha crème topped with a tree made from matcha whipped cream, and decorated with a caramel drizzle garland, plus candied cranberries as ‘ornaments and a strawberry on top.


However, the only catch is you need to literally catch a flight to the US or Canada to try this beverage *sigh*.

Don't feel hard done by however, between toffee-nut lattes, indulgent winter white hot chocolates and of course the famous egg nog latte, the Irish chain menu is one you need to sample straight away.


And as for the stunning festive cold cups, well they are currently in stores now.

A little sparkle, a little cheer. This #FestiveColdCup brings smiles from ear to ear. ✨

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Race you there.