The Stella Diner turns one and there's free ice-cream floats for everyone 1 year ago

The Stella Diner turns one and there's free ice-cream floats for everyone

It's their party but you get the pressies.

In today's hectic world, newer, faster and shinier doesn't always mean better – a fact borne out by the constant waves of nostalgic remembrances coming our way online. Anyone else seen those retro ice-cream posters doing the rounds?

Our favourite way to step back in time is with a visit to the Stella Theatre in Dublin's Rathmines, and to the Stella Diner next door. Happy Days vibes guaranteed.

Speaking of time moving fast, this Thursday – a fitting July 4 – marks the 1st birthday of the Stella Diner. It's been a busy year for the team, according to general managers Ciaran McBrearty and Izzy Sweeney.

"We’ve served up over 5,000 juicy Bacon Cheese Burgers, over 1,500 slices of delicious pie and flipped countless fluffy American-style pancakes. Just like when we dished out free pancakes for Pancake Tuesday, we believe in giving back to our customers which is why we want everyone to celebrate with us Thursday!

“It’s been a really great year for us. Being linked with Stella Cinema meant that people expected a high level of quality and service from our staff and offerings, and we’re delighted that we have been welcomed into the Dublin 6 community with open arms."

On Thursday, the Diner will be celebrating by dishing out free Coca-Cola Ice-Cream Floats for any passers-by who care to wish them a happy birthday. If you are of age and want to raise a birthday toast, they'll also be doing Bourbon-spiked floats for €4.

Next on the menu, the Stella Diner is set to expand its service – into the comfort of your own home. In the coming weeks, they will begin a delivery service for hungry souls in Rathmines and the surrounding areas.

"Looking into year two, we have a lot of exciting plans to further ingrain ourselves into Rathmines and the surrounding area by offering a delivery service launching very soon, meaning you can get your favourite Diner dishes and desserts delivered to the comfort of your home.”

Full details are yet to be revealed, but let's be very clear on what that means: Saturday morning pancakes DELIVERED. Literal happy days.