Supermac's plan to open a London restaurant in next 12 months 10 months ago

Supermac's plan to open a London restaurant in next 12 months

Garlic cheese chips under Big Ben? Sorted.

Supermac's is delicious.

The above cannot be denied.

It's got everything you could possibly want from an Irish owned fast food chain: garlic cheesy chips, an abundance of chicken, and a pizza joint tacked onto every store.

Some people dream of world peace, shared wealth, and a quiet life on the weekends. Other people dream of Supermac's.

And it appears as though even more people are going to be dreaming of the restaurant over the next year or so - specifically people in London, because there are plans to open up a Supermac's in the UK.

Game changer, IMO.

Supermac's MD Pat McDonagh told the Irish Independent that the company is hoping to expand overseas over the next 12 months - and that London is very much on the agenda.

"We are targeting the UK first and especially London and the greater London area, as there is a huge Irish market over there," he said.

There is, indeed.

And each and every single of them has been gagging for a chocolate muffin and ice cream dessert since moving over there.

This comes after Deliveroo announced that they had added Supermac's to their late night delivery service, meaning that you could now get yourself a deliciously dressed fries at two in the morning.

A divine enough scenario if we ever heard one.