Take us there! Gin pancakes are happening in Galway tomorrow 3 years ago

Take us there! Gin pancakes are happening in Galway tomorrow

It's that time of year again.

Pancakes Tuesday takes place tomorrow, 13 February, and one Galway establishment is offering pancakes with a difference.


Tigh Nora, a gin bar in the heart of Galway city, is serving up gin pancakes which will be on sale from 12 pm tomorrow.

The gin pancakes come in two flavours, pancakes with vanilla ice cream infused with Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin and if that's doesn't appeal, there's also crepes topped with a pineapple & mango compote infused with Mór Irish Gin.

These gin-themed delights sound pretty tasty to us and of course, these pancakes will appeal to all the gin enthusiasts out there.

If you haven't visited Galway's only dedicated gin venue before, you'll find it in the heart of the city, located on Cross Street.

It's been doing a roaring trade since it opened last year which is no major surprise given the gin craze that has overtaken the country in recent times.

We don't know about you but we're hoping that the idea takes off and gin pancakes become a regular thing, how good would they be for Saturday brunch*?


*Yes, it's Monday and we're planning the weekend already...