Tasty desk breakfasts you can buy on your way to work 1 year ago

Tasty desk breakfasts you can buy on your way to work

Brought to you by Centra Live Every Day.

Because let's face it, who has time?

As much as we like to pretend that we get up at 6 am every morning and make ourselves an organic, paleo omelette after our morning run the reality is pretty different.

Usually, we are trying to stuff dry cereal in our mouths before we run out the door and you know what, that's okay because nobody is perfect.

But just because we are usually in a rush doesn't mean that we can't enjoy good quality foods. There are lots of great (and tasty) brekkies that you can grab on the go from your local corner shop.

We teamed up with Centra to select a few of our favs.

*Warning, this may make you a little peckish.*

Fruit pots

Tasty, healthy and easy to eat at your desk. Fruit is one of the simplest breakfasts you can grab when you're in a hurry. Plus it's a great way to get a few of your five-a-day ticked off.


Bircher muesli

If you're looking for a breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer then look no further. Muesli is a great nutritious breakfast to have at work and the best part is it can be dressed up with yummy fruit or different toppings.

Fruit and veg juices

Fill your stomach up with goodness and sip on a veggie or fruit juice when you come into work. Fresh juices have lots of nutrients and vitamins and they are a simple way to get more fruit and veg into your diet stat!

Fruit scone


Simply heavenly! A scone is the perfect desk snack with a cup of tea at 9 am. It's a scientific fact that you can't be mad when you've got a delicious scone in your hand, FACT people!

Granola pots

Granola and yoghurt are the magic combo. This is a great breakfast to grab when you're pressed for time and its seriously tasty too.


We all deserve a little treat every now and then. A nice buttery warm croissant could be just the ticket to turn your morning from so-so to pretty brilliant. Go on, you deserve it.

This article is brought to you by Centra Live Every Day.

Are you always in a hurry? Centra have lots of good quality foods available morning noon and night that you can grab on the go anytime. For more see Centra.ie.

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