10 tasty veggie one-pot dinners that just about anyone could make 1 year ago

10 tasty veggie one-pot dinners that just about anyone could make

Is it fair to say that last time we were in lockdown, we put ourselves under a little too much pressure to overhaul our lives?

We all had plans to lose a stone, learn French, adopt a dog, teach ourselves guitar, re-paint the house and become experts in knitting. In the end, Tiger King was the only thing that most of us ended up seeing through.


This time around we know better. It's enough to just get through the days so we're going to be taking it easy on ourselves from now until the end of November.

A large part of taking it easy will include eating all around us, so we'll be whipping up some of our favourite recipes.

Here are some divine veggie dinners that even the most inexperienced of chefs could manage. Plus, one pot per recipe means less washing up and more time eating.



Southwestern quinoa salad

Recipe here via Tasty.



Morroccan veggie stew

Recipe here via BBC Good Food


Creamy vegan tahini noodles


Recipe here via SweetCsDesigns.


One pot spicy vegetable rice

Recipe here via AVirtualVegan.



Everyday lentil soup

Recipe here via MinimalistBaker.


Baked spring vegetable risotto

Recipe here via FloatingKitchen.


Sweet potato mac and cheese

Recipe here via Delicious.


Mushroom stroganoff

Recipe here via FromMyBowl.


Haloumi and rice-stuffed peppers

Recipe here via Taste.


Sunblush tomato and olive paella

Recipe here via OliveMagazine.