Tesco now stocks mini 'snack-sized' avocados and we're hugely intrigued 4 years ago

Tesco now stocks mini 'snack-sized' avocados and we're hugely intrigued

We're still not over avocados.

And now - for those looking for something a little different - mini, snack-sized varieties are being stocked in Ireland... perfect for those who hate leaving half an avocado in the fridge.


Priced at €3.50 for a half dozen, Tesco has even popped the fruit into egg-style boxes (actually pretty cute).

"The rare, mini avocados or Zilla Eggs are about a third of the size of regular avocados and are 24 times smaller than the giant sized Avozilla avocado," Tesco said in a statement.

"The size and delicate skin, which can be peeled away by hand, makes these miniature avocados ideal snacking foods, and a perfect addition to a packed lunch box," it added.


Avocado sizes:

  • The mini Zilla Egg avocado weighs around 70g 
  • The average avocado weighs around 200g 
  • The Avozilla weighs up to 1.7kg

Recently, medics have warned of the rise of 'avocado hand' - a result of trying to cut a too ripe or too hard fruit.

A report from the Irish Medical Journal said the injuries are on the rise in Ireland. One particular case being highlighted is of a 32-year-old woman who sustained a significant hand injury while cutting an avocado.


She presented herself at Beaumont hospital in Dublin with the knife still impaled through her finger as well as the avocado.