There’s a new donut shop in town and it looks incredible 4 years ago

There’s a new donut shop in town and it looks incredible

True donut connoisseurs will know the best place to get a donut in Dublin is from the Rolling Donut hut on O’Connell street.

Some moons ago they had a hugely popular café on Aungier Street and when it closed down, it broke our hearts completely.

But they’re back with a new flagship store on Bachelors Walk and our taste buds are already perking up.

The new store specializes in unique, filled gourmet donuts created using the finest quality ingredients and fresh sourdough starter.  Handmade with love, all donuts are freshly baked every day and paired with The Rolling Donut’s signature compotes, fillings and glazes to ensure customers experience nothing less than Dublin’s finest artisan donuts.

The Rolling Dnout - Alan Rowlette Photography - - - 083-4239138

The menu includes the very exciting ‘Pistachio Salted Caramel’, a luxurious homemade salted caramel with a sprinkle of pistachio for some extra bite. ‘The Dub’ is a rich chocolate ganache combined with a smooth and creamy vanilla custard filling, and the ‘Hipsters Paradise’ is a matcha green tea donut that will not only satisfy a sweet tooth but also give a boost of antioxidants and energy.

The Rolling Donut was founded almost four decades ago by Michael Quinlan and is now under the leadership of daughters Lisa and Aimee.

Talking about the opening Lisa said:

“We are so excited to launch our flagship store and to introduce a brand new, carefully curated donut menu to customers. As a family, we’ve spent years experimenting, getting inspiration from the best donut shops in London and New York and perfecting our recipe, so we are thrilled to now be able to give customers a fresh taste of what makes The Rolling Donut so great.”