There's a new Netflix and Chill'd Ben and Jerry's flavour coming soon 1 month ago

There's a new Netflix and Chill'd Ben and Jerry's flavour coming soon

Hell yes to this.

If you love a bit of Netflix and Chill (who doesn't?) then you need to take a look at Ben and Jerry's new flavour.

While chilling with your bae, you'll probably have a few bits in the house to munch on if one of you gets hungry - and ice cream is many people's number one go-to.

Well, Ben and Jerry's new flavour, called Netflix and Chill'd, is made up of gorgeous bits and pieces that we can't wait to dig into.

According to Tyla, the peanut butter ice cream includes sweet and salty pretzel swirls, and brownie pieces.

How delicious?! Now all we need is someone to chill with and a spoon.

Ben and Jerry's are known for their deliciously wonderful flavours and only last year the company said that they are trying to create CBD-infused ice cream.

On its website, Ben and Jerry's shared research from the US National Restaurant Association which showed that 75 per cent of chefs said CBD was one of the biggest food trends right now.

"You probably already know that we're fans of all things groovy - think: Half Baked and Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies," it said.

"So it's no surprise that we can't wait to get into the latest food trend: cannabidiol, or CBD."

The drug has exploded in popularity in the past few years.

There are claims that it can treat everything from chronic pain, epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease to anxiety and depression.

Image: Ben and Jerry's website