There's a chocolate factory brunch that happens in Bangkok and it looks adorable 1 year ago

There's a chocolate factory brunch that happens in Bangkok and it looks adorable

Sorry, but look how cute.

Alright lads, we know, we know.


Bangkok is pretty far away. It's not Dublin. It's not London. It's not even New York that would probably be a whole lot easier to get to than genuine Thailand.

But look, when there's chocolate involved and it's something so excessive and delicious, we have to consider it.

The event in question is a chocolate factory brunch and it's happening in The Peninsula Bangkok next month.

So, you know, if you happen to be around, you know what to do.

To mark World Chocolate Day, the hotel is hosting the event featuring a load of signature chocolates made from Valrhona chocolate.

The Bangkok Post reports that there'll be superfood chocolates, lollipops, bonbons, chocolate cakes, chocolate Madeleines, and hot chocolates for attendees to enjoy and absolutely ruin themselves with.


All of the treats are made from the high end 66 percent dark chocolate so you know what you're getting is good shit.

To give the event that bit more of a Thai influence, some of the chocolates will be truffles filled with tropical mango, coconut and chilli fillings.

There'll also be a lot of bars containing turmeric, quinoa, baobab and ginger. And obviously, others foods including seafood, meats, and other bits so you won't just have to eat chocolate for the entire day.

Which, you know, wouldn't have been the worst thing in the entire world in fairness.


The hotel's Facebook page reads:

"A brunch experience at the hotel’s lobby will include selections of dishes curated by culinary team such as fresh imported oysters, Alaskan crab legs, lobster eggs benedict, USA prime beef, New Zealand lamb, followed by a journey to explore an imaginative chocolate factory where you and your family can enjoy an irresistible array of chocolate items and the chocolatier and chef’s live demonstrations as if you are really in a factory."

The event works out at about €110 including wine and locals beers, so you'd want to really love your indulgent chocolates to get yourself a ticket.

But hey, we're sure it'll sell out regardless.


These things tend to.

Images via The Peninsula Bangkok.